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Our Pricing Plans

Flat Fee

This plan is best for big cases and comes with benefits such as access to various legal experts, cutting edge products and free legal advice,

  • Superior Service Delivery

Hourly Fee

This plan is best suited for appearances at case management conferences, Alternative Dispute Resolution centres, arbitral tribunals and other similar proceedings.
  • Superior Service Delivery

Premium Package

This plan is for high worth clients on a general retainer for a period of 15 years. It is also a plan for foreign clients planning long term investments in the Nigerian economy.

  • Superior Service Delivery

Professional Lawyers

Undoubtedly, the intellectual prowess of our talents(lawyers) has a direct bearing on the quality of our legal services and we have continued to remain on the cutting edge of local and international relevance because of the unparalleled professionalism of our lawyers. The finesse, tact and competitive skills regularly deployed in the execution of tasks attracts not just clients’ commendations and recommendation; presidential recognitions have also been received in this regard.

 Document Reviewing

At the Castle, we have an eye for the minutest detail because as the saying goes, the devil is in the detail. Flowing from this, we stay clear of ambiguities by virtue of our lawyers’ painstaking efforts deployed at reading and editing all legal documents such as pleading, affidavits, deeds, depositions, applications, agreements, letters, memoranda, reports, legal opinions or similar documents.

 24/7 Support

We strive to connect with our clients every hour of the day, this is without prejudice to the official work hours which is between 9 am to 6 am daily. We provide this support by responding to inquiries, emails, phone-calls, texts and other correspondences timeously.


At Kayode Ajulo & Co, our clients can attest to the incontestable fact that we earn our pay, we dare say that most times, our well-deserved professional fees pale into insignificance when compared to the joy and satisfaction our clients derive from the excellent legal services provided at the firm. However, clients enjoy discounts at intervals during peak periods of high earnings.


We blaze the trail in the provision of pro bono legal services to numerous indigent citizens. The motivation is not just because it agrees with good conscience, but because we realise that our freedom is better guaranteed in the freedom of others. Our pro bono service covers a wide spectrum of our practice areas; however, we admit we enjoy more visibility in the area of fundamental rights enforcement.